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Finish Line Etiquette



     Crossing The Finish Line


        Runner’s World recently asked a question about finish line etiquette. It clearly was a hot topic. I loved the responses. A few made me laugh! What etiquette rules would you add?


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  • Any girls under the age of 10 shouldn’t be allowed to pass old men within 100 yards of the finish line. It hurts our feelings.
  • If you finish in the top 1/4 of the race don’t run back during your cool down and tell me great job when I still have a long way to go. Wicked annoying.
  • Nothing more annoying than crossing the finish line and the person in front of you basically stops as soon as they cross and you almost wipe the both of you out!
  • Thanking volunteers should be rule #1. Without them you wouldn’t have a race! High fives are encouraged!
  • Do not pass a runner in the finish chute when there is no timing chip. Bad. If I came across the finish line first and you pass me in the chute and give your number in front of me…you are a cheater and a thief…you know who you are and so do many others!
  • How about don’t hold hands with the other 8 people you finished running with, creating a wall that blocks everyone else from the finish line! True story.
  • Okay, I’ll break the silence. Enough with ripping those huge finish line farts. It’s childish, inappropriate, and just plain rude! Sure, you maxed out and things can happen, but there’s no need to crop dust the competition post race. Button it up until your out on your cool down.
  • When crossing the finish line don’t automatically throw your arms out!! I am the guy to the left of you that doesn’t enjoy being slapped in the face!!
  • Nothing more annoying then those over dramatic finishers that feel the need to collapse and roll their eyes back into their head. Keep moving through the chute, another 10 feet will not kill you.


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