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How to Start Running Without Getting Knee Pain

How to Start Running Without Getting Knee Pain



Knee Pain Prevention For Runners


             Have you stopped running and want to get back to it, or are you new to running and want to start off on the right foot? Some of the best advice I can give you is to start off by reducing your chances of getting knee pain or worse, injure yourself.  


            This video from LIVESTRONG gives some great advice on how to keep those knees pain free and you on the pavement, trails, or track.


Quick tip:

  • Avoid a heel strike. Don’t over-stride and let your feet get ahead of you. Always make it a point to stay ahead of your feet and let your legs swing to the rear, not forward.  If you reach with your legs as you swing them forward, your feet will land in front of you and you’ll be putting on the brakes with every foot strike. Then all the shock of hitting the road goes right up your legs to your knees, which were never designed to act as shock absorbers. 

    Learn more about proper foot strike here



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