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Mid Run Fuel Alternatives

Mid Run Fuel Alternatives


Fueling Up Mid Run


          What do you turn to for your mid run fuel? Almost every runner you see has some sort of fuel, regardless of how much they need. And for many, it helps to have plenty of options. In the middle of a long run, rules go out the window. It’s no longer protein, low carbs, and healthy fats. A runner’s body needs fast-absorbing carbs and food that will spike insulin and send sugars to fuel their muscles.

         If you like variety and convenience, then these below are some great choices to keep your energy up. Do you have any that you recommend? Leave them in the comments below!


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Gatorade Endurance Carb Energy Chews
Portion: 1 sleeve (4 chews)
Calories: 120
Carbs: 31
Other Features: Sodium, potassium (Gatorade Endurance Carb Energy Chews formulation contains more electrolytes and carbs per chew compared to G Series Prime formulation)


Jelly Belly Sport Beans
Portion: 1 pouch (13beans)
Calories: 100
Carbs: 25
Other  Features: Electrolytes, vitamins, Extreme Beans contain 50mg caffeine


Easy to chew and higher in simple sugars and carbohydrates than other dried fruit, dates are also a good source of potassium.


PowerBar Performance Energy Blasts
Portion: 1 pouch (9chews)
Calories: 200
Carbs: 46
Other  Features: Sodium, +/- caffeine


Gummi Bears
With lots of sugar and virtually no fat or fiber to slow their absorption, these candies are, astoundingly, not a terrible idea during a long run.


Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews
Portion: 1 packet
Calories: 160
Carbs: 39
Other  Features: Sodium, potassium, 1 gram each protein and fiber, gluten free, +/- 32mg caffeine


Portion: 1 pouch
Calories: n/a
Carbs: n/c
Other  Features: +/- 50mg caffeine



Portion: ¼ cup packed / 1 small box
Calories: 123
Carbs: 33
Other Features: Rich in potassium (but with little sodium), 1 gram each protein and fiber, +/- organic, gluten free


Dried apricots
Portion: 15 halves
Calories: 127
Carbs: 33
Other Features: Rich in potassium (but with little sodium), 2 grams protein (a bit high in fiber with 4g), +/- organic, gluten free


Pretzels, hard, salted
Portion: 1 oz
Calories: 108
Carbs: 23
Other Notable Features: Sodium, potassium, and iron, 2 grams of protein


Easy ways to store your fuel.


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