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Plyometric Exercises For Running Speed

Plyometric Exercises For Running Speed


Plyometric Exercises for Runners


     Why plometrics? Plyometrics are the perfect exercises for runners because they aim to develop strength and speed to produce fast and powerful movements. Plyo’s train the muscles to contract more quickly and forcefully from an actively pre-stretched position.

    The benefit of these exercises for distance runners is that you can potentially get good results without having to do these daily.


    For runners who don’t routinely include strength & conditioning into their week, one option may be to include a few plyo’s in the latter part of your dynamic warm-up. Performing a little every week will be safer than with an hour of effort once a month.  

   As long as you are careful and introduce them gently, a 5-10 minute circuit routine once a week or a couple of exercises at the end of your warm up could help you reduce injury risk and improve performance.



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Source: Runner’s Connect




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