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Runner’s Guide To Running Hills Better

Runner’s Guide To Running Hills Better


Tips And Workouts For Running Hills


   If you want running to feel easier and more satisfying, you’ll want to build strength. Nothing builds that strength better than running hills. I know, no one really likes hills, but they are unavoidable. Here are some things to remember to keep you motivated.

When you’ve trained on hills….

  • Your muscles grow stronger, making running feel easier
  • Your aerobic ability is increased, so your breathing will be easier
  • Your stride becomes more efficient, so your effort will be reduced



  • Maintain good form-As you ascend, shorten your stride and keep your feet low to the ground. Try to keep your head, chest, and hips perpendicular to an imaginary horizontal line. On descents, take short, quick, light steps and keep your center of gravity over your legs.
  • Start easy- For your first hill workout, jog for 10 minutes to warm up, then walk for two minutes. From the bottom of a gentle incline, run up at an easy pace for five seconds, then walk back to the starting point. Run up again for seven seconds. Walk down. Run for 10 seconds, then walk down. If you’re feeling strong, repeat the sequence. Cool down with a 15-minute jog.
  • Progress slowly- Do the Start Easy workout several times, then ramp it up. Perform 2 x 10 seconds–run up for 10 seconds, then walk down and repeat. Then do 2 x 15, followed by 2 x 20. On your next hill workout, repeat the sequence twice and finish with a 30-second run.



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