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Tips For Running Your First Half Marathon

Tips For Running Your First Half Marathon


    Marathon Tips For Beginners


       If you ran your first marathon, chances are that you are hooked. So you think to yourself, what’s next? If a half marathon is on the horizon, watch this video and get some great running tips from someone who has been there. These may help prevent injures….and maybe your pride too.  😉 


 Quick tip: 

Pick a plan

Twelve weeks is a common length of many half-marathon training plans, however you could pick a longer plan (14 weeks). The extra weeks allow for some wiggle room if a you get an injury or any other unexpected event. This will also give you more time to get use your new  training demands. 

Here are a few programs…



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  1. Well, I have never done anything like that, but you have my utmost respect. You must be so very fit and healthy. I wish you all the best. A good video too.
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