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Morning Run Drama, The Painful Stages Of Getting Ready

Morning Run Drama, The Painful Stages Of Getting Ready


Morning Run Drama



Why oh why does the morning come so early? I feel like I just laid down to sleep and the alarm is going off already. But before you lay your head down,you make a plan.  You decide that getting up early for a run is on the agenda. That is, until the morning comes. Do these stages feel a little too familiar?


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1.It’s the night before: You set your alarm. 5 a.m., sound perfect right? You’re sure you want to do this…….. right?



2.It’s bedtime! You toss and turn, thinking about your run, anticipating the early wake-up call.




3. You contemplate hitting the snooze button. Running three miles instead of five, is fine, right?



4. You decide to leap out of bed. That is, if leaping is crawling slowly from under your covers that you have zero inclination to actually leave.



5. You groggily walk around your house. Is that the moon I see? No, just focus! So this is what “The Walking Dead” feel like.



6. Thankfully you laid out your clothes night before. Finding them now would be way too much effort. Now to just put them on …




7. Did somebody say coffee? 



8. Shoes on, ready to go. You’re finally pumped for your run. There’s no going back to bed now. I can do this!



9. You head out the door and realize morning runs aren’t so bad. In fact, they’re kind of awesome.


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