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7 Things That Runner’s Do, But Probably Won’t Admit

7 Things That Runner’s Do, But Probably Won’t Admit


     Run With Pride


     Admit it, time to come clean, you have done some of these things, actually, you are probably guilty of all of these offenses. Should you be worried or alarmed? Of course not, you are a part of the cool kids crowd. One that encompasses some of the most amazing and encouraging group of people you will ever meet. Just about any runner that you pass by, will no doubt wish you luck and encourage you to keep going. So if you find that you are guilty as charged, be proud, and take another selfie of your shoes!  😀 


Apply Body Glide… Between The Cheeks

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It only takes one chapped butt before you never skip this step again.


Talk To Yourself…Out Loud


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Even though it actually takes more effort to mum­ble your thoughts aloud, we still find ourselves doing it. Maybe because run­ning is our ‘safe place’ and some thoughts sim­ply need to be said out loud before they can be dis­carded, but it still must be acknowl­edged that most of us have been caught doing this by some­one pass­ing, and it sure hasn’t helped the idea that run­ners are nuts.


Bathroom Mapping

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You never know when you’re going to have to go, and hold­ing it in is never a good idea on a long run. There­fore, most of us start bath­room map­ping with­out even real­iz­ing it; this con­sists of not­ing every­where on a run we see that would work as a poten­tial bath­room (con­struc­tion sites, gas sta­tions, three trees clumped together, large bushes, alleys…we’re not exactly picky.) for future runs on the same course.


You Have A Massive Shoe Collecting

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Have you ever looked inside a runner’s closet? Chances are you will probably be covered in an avalanche of asics and mizuno’s. Runner’s get attached to their shoes like they are to their first born. Each with a special memory of some amazing run.



This is so important to runners that you will actually here them talk about the color of their urine. Clear pee is a badge of honor!


Snack Stashing

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Every runner knows the sure fire way to burn out is to run on an empty stomach. To keep energy levels up, they keep an arsenal of fancy snacks on them at all times. From energy gels, to raisins and chews. They are always on hand. So if you are ever stranded in a blizzard, don’t worry if it’s with a runner. You are safe…..for many weeks.


Race Stickers

I know that if you are reading this, there is a good chance that you have a race sticker on your car, probably even a selfie with said sticker, or know someone who does. Runners proudly displace their achievements with these popular car bumper stickers. Go ahead you non runners, hassle us, we don’t care!


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