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4 Important Training Tips for Your First Half Marathon

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 Half Marathon Training Tips       oing from a 10k race to a half marathon is a big step. But if you’re a runner, you know that running a half marathon is a goal most hope to achieve. Many run­ners say that it’s their favorite marathon, long enough to be a real challenge, and short enough to be achievable for almost any runner. […]

Choosing The Right Running Shoe

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Find Your Perfect Sole Mate       Before you go out and get your first pair of running shoes, or looking to upgrade, check out this great advice. Different brands are best depending on if you have a narrow or wide foot. Here is the breakdown on what you need to know before you spend […]

Beginner Runners, Your Adventure Starts Here

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Beginner Runner Tips       If you are thinking about starting to run, it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect. From how long you should run for, to running shoes, and gear. For you new runners, here a few things to consider before you start your journey. Congratulations! […]