If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Techniques For Running Hills      What goes thru your mind when you see a hill ahead of you? Is it shock? What? No…..no…… please no!  via GIPHY Or is it this? via GIPHY Whether you dread them or not, nothing […]
 Chocolate Protein Mug Cake Recipe         If you are looking for a quick, healthy protein packed post workout snack, you found it. This yummy chocolate protein mug cake will take you only minutes to make. Sounds perfect right? Because damaged tissue needs protein to help repair and rebuild itself, it makes this […]
Full Body Workout Training       Are you looking for a workout that you can do anywhere that will help increase your strength? Than this full body workout is perfect for you. Best of all, this won’t cost you a thing!  We are big fans of body weight exercises. Not only because they are […]
   Running Without Injury       What’s the key to running without injury? The answer is prevention. It’s estimated that nearly 8 out of 10 runners will experience an injury. Such a high number right? But not surprising. So, how do you keep from getting hurt? You can start by focusing on these 5 key areas. […]
Exercises For Runner’s Knee Prevention        Runner’s knee is all to common among runners and is named for obvious reasons. Symptoms include pain behind the knee or around your patella (knee cap) when you are running, particularly when going down hills or stairs. You may also feel popping or a grinding sensation as […]
  Tips To Keep Running                   Every runner has been there. You feel like you want to stop, that you can’t keep going. Basically, you have hit a wall. The mind does many tricks and tries to convince you to stop. But no, don’t listen to that […]
Running Tips For New Runners            So you want to start running but don’t know where to start. These 7 tips for new runners are a great place to start. It’s critical to have some key pieces of information about this sport before you head out. Becoming an endurance athlete is serious business. […]
What Runners Think About      If you have ever run a marathon, half marathon, 5K, or around your block, you know you have had some crazy thoughts going thru your head. “Common, focus, think about a body part that doesn’t hurt….. my left ear, no wait, that hurts too.”     Check out this video, it […]