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How To Keep Running When You Want To Quit

How To Keep Running When You Want To Quit



Tips To Keep Running


                Every runner has been there. You feel like you want to stop, that you can’t keep going. Basically, you have hit a wall. The mind does many tricks and tries to convince you to stop. But no, don’t listen to that inner voice. Instead, decide to be bigger than that gnawing feeling that tells you to head back home, that says you don’t need to sign up for that next race, that tells you that it’s not worth it.

Remember, All miles are good miles, so keep motivated by trying one or all of these tips.


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Keep perspective.

Remember you are in training. Whether you’re at 3 miles or 15 miles don’t think “Oh no, how can I do this for 26.2 miles?” just remember that you still have weeks to come and no one is expecting you to run your marathon tomorrow.


Remember why you started.

Whether you’re running to lose weight, or training for your 6th marathon, there is always a reason why you’re running. If your goal is to increase your endurance, lose the pounds, or to prove to yourself that you are capable, think about that reward at the end of the tunnel. Or in your case, the finish line.


Get a running buddy.

This is so important and can be key to keeping you motivated. Having someone to talk to, share goals with, and keep you accountable can be a fantastic way to keep you running. You will also be less likely to put off a run if you know that you are meeting up with somebody too. After all, who else knows what PB, BQ, fartleks, and negative splits mean right?


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Listen to music.

Music by far is one of the most motivating ways to keep pumped and moving on. Before you head out, make sure your tunes are ready to go and that your battery is fully charged. ( Just a little side note: I learned a secret, your phone will charge faster if you charge it while in airplane mode.)


It’s Mind over matter.

Take a moment and decide whether the pain you’re feeling is in your head or your body. If your knee really does hurt, stop. If you feel like you you couldn’t possibly take another step, focus your mind and push through the struggle. Consider just walking for a few minutes, then slowly pick up the pace again.


Break up your run.

Change up your run with interval training like fartleks. If you start your run with a plan, you are more likely to stick with it. When you divide up your run, the total mileage will seem less daunting.


Change it up.

Change up your normal route. Having something new to check can always help to keep your mind occupied. Pick a new area that has beautiful trees or a new trail. Personally, running by a lake or pond is a favorite.

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Think about how lucky you are.

You feel tired and you want to stop. Change those thoughts. Remember that you can run, when many people cannot. Many people wish they could run. Be grateful, be thankful, and just keep moving forward.


Just remember this…

Running will increase your metabolism, your self-esteem, extend your life, and you will develop life long friendships.


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