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Runners, Why You Should Be Strength Training

Runners, Why You Should Be Strength Training


   Why Runners Should Be Strength Training


   Strength-training moves are critical for runners. Without it, there is potential for overuse injuries if your muscles aren’t supporting your structural system. Strengthening your core is a great first step to maintaining a balance. You’ll strengthen all the muscles around your abdominals, obliques, and spine, leaving you feeling balanced the next time you’re out running.


 “Strengthening the hips and glutes is one of the best injury prevention measures a runner can take.”  


The stronger you get, the more resilient your body will become to the demands of running. The repetitive impact of running won’t wear you down as much. Plus, when you’ve got a strong body, any preexisting conditions will be less likely to worsen. This is because strength training helps to improve structural weaknesses in your body, whether in the muscles, joints, or connective tissues. 

Here are the perfect exercises to get started.


Learn how to make running easier on your body:

  • Running Drills
  • Strength and Mobility Exercises
  • Postural and Stability Exercises
  • 6 and 12 Week Training Plans
  • Step by Step Coaching

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