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Tempo Training For Running Stamina

Tempo Training For Running Stamina


Tempo Training For Runners


        If you are looking to increase your running stamina, a good way to train for this is by doing tempo runs. There are a few different types, a traditional tempo, tempo intervals, and negative split tempo to name a few. The duration and intensity of each will be dependent on the event you are training for.  

     Tempo runs are also known as a lactate-threshold. These are fast, continuous runs done in the middle of your regular mid/long distance run, lasting anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. The purpose of this training is to help prepare your body for running at a faster pace for longer. Essentially, these workouts teach your body to more quickly clear out the lactate buildup delaying or preventing that fatigue-causing burn. 


How to do it

A typical tempo run includes a warm up of 10 minutes, 15 to 20 minutes at tempo pace, and 10 minutes cool down. The pace is between 10k and half marathon pace, at around 85 percent of maximum heart rate, or seven to eight out of 10 on a perceived rate of exertion – or more simply at ‘comfortably hard’ pace – you can talk, but only a few words.


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