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First Person To Ever Run A Marathon And Never Tell Anybody

Marathon Kept Secret     This tongue in cheek video is hilarious! Could you ever train and run a marathon without telling anybody?  Learn how to make running easier on your body: Running Drills Strength and Mobility Exercises Postural and Stability Exercises 6 and 12 Week Training Plans Step by Step Coaching Runner’s knee rehab program […]

Woman Finished The Richmond Marathon One Hour After It Ended

Best Half Marathon Tips and Advice

If you are training to run a half marathon, congratulations! According to Women’s Running..   [pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#ff9900″ class=”” size=””]In recent years, the half marathon has become America’s fastest-growing race distance, as the number of 13.1-mile races has swelled along with the number of participants. In 2012, 1.85 million people finished a 13.1-mile […]

6 Moves To Protect Your Knees And Prevent Runners Knee