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Who Cares If You Are A Slow Runner

Who Cares If You Are A Slow Runner


Running Motivation



     How do you stay motivated when you are at a low point, when you feel that you just don’t know if you should  continue. Do you have doubts? Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemies, don’t you think? When you don’t beat your PR like you thought you would, when you feel like you are one of the slowest runners on race day, doubt starts to creep in. Changing your mindset about how you see yourself is so much more important than any workout or training  you could ever do.

Women’s Running stated this perfectly…

Countless research studies in sports psychology have proven the power of positive thinking and self-talk. Athletes who go into a workout or race with positive thoughts perform significantly better and more consistently than those who approach workouts and races with a negative attitude.

Here’s a secret about running. The feeling you get after a new PR, the satisfaction from a tough workout well done, and the disappointment from a bad performance all feel the same no matter how fast you are. That’s the beauty of our sport.

There is no difference between the runner who breaks 30 minutes for the 5K for the first time and the one that breaks 16 minutes. Both worked hard, sacrificed to achieve their goal, and experienced the same challenges.

That means all runners can relate to each other, no matter their speed. 
So no matter how slow you think you are, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you finished the race!



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